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Benefits of Epoxy resin flooring

The most attractive quality of epoxy resin floors is their affordability. Not only are they budget friendly they are long lasting and durable. A properly installed floor can last for over 20 years.

Resin floors can handle heavy weight on a daily basis with ease, it has durability and strength to withstand the harshest of environments such as temperature regulation, chemical resistance, slip resistance, oil and stain resistance and even bacterial elements. Epoxy resin floors are ideal for commercial settings because of their durability and ability to withstand wear and tear from high volumes of foot traffic. Typically a 3mm epoxy system will result in a surface comprehensive strength of 60MPa.

Epoxy floors are suitable for Schools, Libraries, Hotels, Showrooms, Industrial, Retail, Nuclear and Pharmaceutical plants to name a few but the list of suitable premises is endless. They are very versatile and their multifaceted qualities have made them one of the hottest decorative trends in design.

Epoxy Resin flooring can have a number of different finishes follow this link to our website to read more on our available finishes https://www.renobuild.ie/epoxy-resin-flooring.

Inspection, assessment and evaluation of your existing floor will be required prior to installation of epoxy resin, any residual coatings, paints or staining such as oil or grease will removed by our company using degreasing products. We can also repair any cracks, dips or chipped concrete as these types of issues can hinder the application of epoxy resin flooring.

The time frame of installing the floor will differ from project to project as many factors are taken into consideration such as the size of the area, what type of epoxy resin you decide to install, the amount or repair work carried out to get the floor ready for installation.

Renobuild will discuss all elements of installing your desired floor before work is carried out and once your floor is ready and work is set to commence, we can give an estimated timeframe of installation, we also keep you up to date on progress or of any issues that arise during the installation process, you decide how involved you would like to be.

Another benefit of Epoxy resin flooring is that it requires minimal maintenance, simply give your floor a wash using only a mop and some soapy hot water. If your heart desires you can use some delicate chemicals to keep your floor in tip top shape but try to avoid using acidic or harsh chemicals or deep cleaning as this helps preserve the top layer of your epoxy. If proper care is taken these floors will look fantastic and last decades.

If you would like to learn more about our flooring solutions or would like to request a brochure please check out our website www.renobuild.ie

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