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With advancements in technology, polished concrete has grown in popularity for a variety of uses including floors, countertops, decking, stairs and architectural pieces. With a highly unique finish, polished concrete serves its purpose in functionality and design. Every polished concrete floor reflects the environment that surrounds it, meaning that no two floors are the same.




Functional and Durable

Made up of four elements – sand, cement, water and aggregate (stone) – the concrete is so refined that it's difficult to mark. This allows for an industrial strength flooring fit for both commercial and residential usage that will outlast your building.




Polished Concrete 2


Aesthetically Unique

Not only is Polished Concrete highly durable and cost-efficient, with Renobuild, you can design your own Polished Concrete by adding in something to make it yours. We have added in everything from copper coins, to coloured glass, to sea shells, to organisations' own logos for a truly unique finish. The opportunities are endless.



What is Polished Concrete?



Benefits of Polished Concrete

  • Limitless design
  • Highly reflective to reduce your lighting requirements 
  • Anti-static floor
  • Unique finish
  • Highly durable
  • Cost effective

Watch our video for more insight into Renobuild and the concrete laying process.



Bespoke PiecesBespoke Pieces Spa

As part of your commercial project, we also offer unique Bespoke Piecesadding aesthetic interest and a creative personal touch. 

Our Bespoke Pieces are one-of-a-kind and created to perfectly suit your space, ideas, and functionality needs. There are limitless design options, including structure, shape, colour, finish, and purpose.  

We largely use two durable cement-based solutions in our Bespoke Pieces: Microcement and Polished Concrete. These versatile, low-maintenance, high-performing materials are ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces and in any environment. With a little care, your Bespoke Pieces can last decades. 



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