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Design Floors, also known as Microcement or overlays, are thinly laid systems that are placed on top of existing concrete or hard floor systems, designed for a clean decorative aesthetic. Design Floors can be optimised for functionality or design dependent on application. Maintained correctly, this flooring will last as long as your building.

Design Floors provide an unlimited range of colour and finishing options for a custom floor suited to your design. They range in thickness from 3-15mm and the systems can be finished to be high-polished for a more stylish, modern look, or sanded and sealed to give a more natural feel. We can also provide matching wall coatings to compliment some of these solutions.


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Also known as Microtopping, Micro-screed, or Micro-concrete, Microcement is a cement and polymer-based coating thinly applied to floors, walls, and, in some cases, joinery in residential and commercial environments to create a concrete look.

Microcement tends to be laid 3-5mm thick, and can have a stone effect or semi-polished, cloudy, or dragged appearance.





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Overlays are cement-based, liquid applied systems design primarily to give a more uniform aesthetic. These can be applied in 5-15mm thickness. A 5mm application gives a natural, sanded appearance, and thicker applications provide a sleek, high-gloss polished appearance. All systems can be coloured during the manufacturing process or have pigmentation added during the mixing process.

Terrazzo systems are thicker systems that can also have aggregate added either in the manufacturing process or during application.


What makes a Design Floor?


All of these systems can be used in commercial, retail, hospitality, industrial, and domestic spaces, and the type of finish you require will determine the system that you should use. Design Floors are also available in decorative epoxy systems, much like our epoxy resin systems, but more suited to retail and domestic applications.

Benefits of Design Floors

  • Can be paired with underfloor heating
  • Unlimited colour options
  • Unique design
  • Can be optimised for functionality or design
  • Durable.

Watch our video for information on the Design Floor laying process.


Bespoke PiecesBespoke Pieces Spa

As part of your commercial project, we also offer unique Bespoke Piecesadding aesthetic interest and a creative personal touch. 

Our Bespoke Pieces are one-of-a-kind and created to perfectly suit your space, ideas, and functionality needs. There are limitless design options, including structure, shape, colour, finish, and purpose.  

We largely use two durable cement-based solutions in our Bespoke Pieces: Microcement and Polished Concrete. These versatile, low-maintenance, high-performing materials are ideal for both interior and exterior surfaces and in any environment. With a little care, your Bespoke Pieces can last decades. 



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Care and Maintenance

If you would like to learn about care and maintenance for Design Floors, head over to our Care & Maintenance page