Design floors, also known as micro toppings or overlays are thinly laid systems that are placed on top of existing concrete or hard floor systems, designed for a clean decorative aesthetic. Microtoppings can be optimized for functionality or design dependent on application. Maintained correctly and Microtoppings will last as long as your building.

Unique to Microtoppings, they provide an unlimited range of colours and finishes for a custom floor suited to your design. They range in thickness from 3 to 15mm and the cementitious systems can be finished to a high polished or also sanded and sealed to give a more natural feel. We can also provide matching wall coatings to compliment some of these solutions.

What makes a Design Floor?

All of these systems can be used in domestic, retail and office spaces and the type of finish you require will determine the system that you should use. Design floors are also available in decorative epoxy systems, much like our epoxy resin systems, but more suited to retail and domestic applications.

Benefits of Design Floors

  • Can be paired with underfloor heating
  • Unlimited colour options
  • Unique design
  • Can be optimized for functionality or design
  • Durable

Our Processes

Dependent on the aesthetic you require will determine the system used. Our suppliers include Mapei Ultratop and Mapei Loft. These manufacturers have designed their floor to give their own unique design and aesthetic. Working alongside your project team, we will ensure you achieve your desired finish.

Watch our video for information on the Design Floor laying process


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Care and Maintenance

If you would like to learn about care and maintenance for Design Floors, head over to our Care & Maintenance page