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Do you have a query?

Here are a few of frequently asked questions to help you get the answer you need. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to get in touch.

If we don’t have the solution you are looking for, we always ensure we use our industry knowledge and connections to guide you in the right direction.

Service Queries

Do you travel?

Yes, we are happy to travel. Let us know where you are based in your enquiry.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we do. Our showroom is situated here. To visit us for samples/enquiries you can book an appointment by phoning us on +353539366444 or filling in a contact us form and we’ll get back to you.

Can we see any previous projects you have done?

Yes, depending on system we can arrange this for you as this is often asked by domestic customers. To organise this click here. In the meantime, check out our gallery on each product page.

Product Applications

Do you do counter tops? Can they be made with concrete?

Yes we do counter tops made of concrete, we have a wide range to match our Microcement systems. 

Are your systems available for wet rooms?

Some systems are, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to guide you in the right direction.

What is the thickness of your flooring systems?

Our flooring systems vary from 2mm to 15mm for design floors and concrete can be any thickness over 75mm for an unbonded system.

What is aggregate?

Concrete is made up of four items. These are sand, cement, water, and stone or aggregate. The aggregate is what gives the concrete its strength and wear-ability. During the grinding and polishing process we cut through the top layer, to show the aggregates in all their glory. You can also have a finish with little/no aggregate exposed.

Are your flooring systems suitable for external areas?

Some are, some are not. Let us know your flooring system plans and we will be happy to ensure you get the best option for your project.


Will my floor crack?

We will take all the necessary precautions within our process to reduce the likelihood of cracking. These steps include but are not limited to, perimeter isolation, control joints, the use of fibres in the mix, the correct slump or viscosity of the concrete and most importantly a skilled team of applicators. However, there are no guarantees against a floor cracking.

How do I maintain my polished floor?

The floors are maintained in the same manner as any hard floor surface. Using a mop, bucket and water will clean your floor. For an optimal finish occasionally buff the floor using a Twister pad.

Are my floors sealed?

Yes, they are sealed. To avoid any damage to the surface, do not let acidic substances in contact with the floor for an extended period of time as this will erode the sealer.

Polished Concrete

Is Polished Concrete compatible with underfloor heating?

Yes polished concrete works very well with underfloor heating, as do all of our systems. Polished concrete floors are the best option to use as there are no insulators between you and your heat source. Although it takes longer to heat up, it will retain heat for longer than lightweight screeds. 

Why are there sometimes straight lines cut into concrete floors?

These cuts are control joints or crack inducers. They are a weakness that is placed on the concrete to induce the crack to form in a straight line. They are generally placed in strategic areas where they will be less visible.

What is the price of polished concrete?

The price varies on the size of your job, how much edgework is involved and which finish you are looking for. Get in touch with us for a chat or request a quote here. 

Are there limits to the size of projects you'll do?

For commercial, retail, hospitality, pharmaceutical, and industrial industries, we will discuss projects of any size with you - the bigger the better!

For domestic projects involving Polished Concrete, we are only able to discuss projects with a minimum of 200 square metres or more.

Epoxy Resin

Can we buy the paint? What colours can we have?

Yes, you can purchase paint and it can be coloured to any RAL colour. 

Is the finish smooth or non slip?

The finish can be either. A texturing additive can be included if a non-slip surface is required.

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