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Renobuild have worked closely with architects, designers, and contractors to provide quality flooring systems for over 30 years. 

Our range of durable, low maintenance, sleek flooring systems can be optimised for functionality and aesthetics in a range of industrial applications, including warehouses, manufacturing environments, and pharmaceutical and healthcare spaces. 

Our experts follow best practices for surfacing flooring to ensure a smooth, immaculate finish is achieved to meet your client’s needs. From slump testing to moisture management, to power floating and levelling and finishing – our specialists will work closely with you to advise and action every step of the way to the perfect finished product. 

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Our surfaces stand the test of time. The strength and hardwearing capabilities of our surfaces allow for ideal flooring for environments such as warehouses. We provide flooring that can withstand foot and forklift traffic to meet the high-pressure needs of industrial surroundings.   

You can also divide areas into zones, separate pedestrians and vehicles, and allocate spaces with our line marking to ensure safety in your warehouse.  

With thousands of square metres of surfaces installed over the years, our flooring can be found in countless warehouses across Ireland. 



The physical demands of a manufacturing working environment can be taxing on surfaces. Renobuilds Epoxy Resin and Polished Concrete flooring solutions are hardwearing, hygienic, oil and chemical resistant surfaces. Ensure all safety and hygiene requirements of your factory is met with our antistatic resin flooring paired with our crisp clean line marking. 

Our high-performance flooring can be found in factories, breweries, bottling plants etc. for a surface that is proven to be dependable. That is why our surfaces are known for being an effective flooring solution for the manufacturing industry.  


Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare  

Our floors meet the highest standards of hygiene whilst being easy to maintain for medical environments. With our vast experience in surface installation, we understand the needs and concerns of the healthcare and R&D Marketplace. Hospitals, laboratories, dentists and care Homes require high quality, durable, safe surfaces that we specialise in.  

Our Epoxy Resin range is hypoallergenic, resistant to bacteria growth and aesthetically pleasing to combine functionality and appearance perfectly  

For operating theatres, emergency rooms, hospital wards or any environment that needs to be spotless, you can rely on Renobuild flooring.  

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