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Epoxy Resin flooring is a range of self-smoothing pigmented floor screeds used in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications. Available in a range of colours, choose a coating to suit you.

Known for its durability, strong adhesion and chemical resistance, Epoxy Resin is a popular flooring to use in areas that are subject to foot traffic, forklift and vehicular traffic, such as factories, garages, showrooms, and workrooms.

Benefits of Epoxy Resin

  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning and eliminating hazards
  • Improves working environment
  • Speed of laying
  • Resistant to most common chemicals, fats, oils, etc.
  • Excellent bonding characteristics enabling it to be laid on new or existing concrete
  • Hardwearing
  • Non-slip option available by the addition of aggregate
  • Suitable for feet and tyres

Our Processes

Our team can lay Epoxy Resin easily and quickly for projects that are short on time. We can lay on top of new or existing floors and can be made non slip dependent on your requirements. We are passionate about what we do. With 30 years of system and product awareness, we are the experts.

Renobuild SF Coating

A solvent-based or solvent-free Epoxy coating designed to protect concrete floors against the ingress of dirt, oil, grease and a wide range of chemicals. Available pigmented.

Suitable for areas subject to foot and light vehicular traffic, such as factories, garage showrooms and workrooms.

 SF Coating Technical Data Sheet

Renobuild SL Screed

A range of self-smoothing pigmented Epoxy resin floor screeds available in a wide range of colours.

Suitable for areas subject to foot traffic, forklift and vehicular traffic, such as factories, garages, showrooms, workrooms and industrial applications.

 SL Screed View Technical Data Sheet

Renobuild SF Coating & Texturing Additive

A range of self-smoothing non-slip epoxy resin floor screeds. Providing a heavy-duty non-slip flooring system by the incorporation of aggregate in the wet film.

A floor coating designed for areas where slip-resistant flooring is necessary, such as food production areas, dairies and industrial applications.

 SF Coating Technical Data Sheet

 Texturing Additive Technical Data Sheet

Renobuild Ultracoat & Ultraflow

A high-performance epoxy resin coating for applications where chemical resistance is required.

In areas where properties of chemical resistance is required such as chemical plants, breweries, dairies and laboratories.

 Ultracoat Technical Data Sheet

 Ultraflow Technical Data Sheet

Renobuild Tackprimer & HB, Mortar & SF Coating

A three-component epoxy resin based material designed to enable coving to be formed to complement resin-based floor coatings.

As an aesthetic and hygienic coving to complement resin-based flooring.

 Tackprimer Technical Data Sheet

 HB Mortar Technical Data Sheet

 SF Coating Technical Data Sheet


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