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As experienced surface solution providers for 30 years, Renobuild provide useful educational guides to architects, designers, and contractors seeking continuous professional development resources to build their skills and knowledge in flooring.

In line with the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI), the videos below outline best practice for surfacing flooring to ensure you achieve a smooth, pristine finish to meet your client’s needs. For information on each step of the process from placing flooring to controlling pitfalls watch our videos below.

Placing Concrete

When placing a concrete floor there are a number of steps to follow to achieve a pristine finish.

This video covers problems to avoid when placing concrete such as:

  • Perimeter insulation
  • Slump testing
  • Best practice tools
  • Concrete vibrations
  • Tamping


Concrete Strength

The strength of the concrete floor will determine whether or not the surface can be polished.

This video covers the importance of concrete strength and aspects that determine this such as:

  • How to achieve the strength you need 
  • Ideal thickness of concrete 
  • The concrete mix


Concrete Colour

Polished concrete comes in an array of finishes and colours to choose from based on your concrete mix.

This video covers how to control the look of your polished concrete floor, including:

  • Sampling
  • Testing
  • Location
  • Types of Finish


Controlling Cracks

It is essential to know how to minimise cracking and learn how to place cracks in your concrete.

This video outlines how to control cracks in your concrete floor including using:

  • Polypropalene Fibres
  • Sawcutting
  • Crack inducers
  • Moisture management

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating and Polished Concrete are a match made in heaven. However, to achieve optimum heat transfer there are various steps that must be followed.

This video outlines the process of combining underfloor heating and polished concrete floors such as:

  • Concrete coverage
  • Depth of concrete
  • Plastic placement
  • Concrete curing

Final Finish

There are over 200 variables to consider when laying concrete to achieve a smooth finish.

This video gives guidance on how to get the best concrete finish, before polishing including: 

  • Power floating
  • How to achieve different finishes
  • How to tackle difficult areas
  • Leveling and Finishing

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