Microcement is fast becoming the new age vinyl

Microcement, micro-screed or Microtopping is a very fine coating of cement combined with fine aggregates mixed with water based liquid polymers. It can have a thickness of between 2 - 10 millimetres and can be applied to floors, walls, stairs and furniture because of its decorative aesthetic making it suitable for both domestic and commercial buildings.

It can be laid over your existing surface making Microcement an ideal option for anyone who is looking for a completely seamless floor finish, grout free, offering functionality and practicality while consisting of hygienic and hypoallergenic properties and still able to create a clean surface. Unlike using polished concrete you are able to create a unique and modern space by being able to pick your preferred colour, tone and design before the floor is installed which in turn means there are no surprises once the floor is laid.

It comes in a variety of colours which you can mix & match in order to have your very own custom made floor. In general the colours are limitless, however, availability can depend on what supplier the company laying the floor uses.

There are 3 types of finishes available:-

  1. Trowel Effect
  2. Natural sand & sealed
  3. High end polished


Clients can expect longevity, durability and a hardwearing flooring system. It is highly versatile meaning if you decide further down the line that your floor is not in keeping with your new décor plans you have the option of placing almost any other flooring system on top of Microcement.

One of the greatest advantages of Microcement is that it can be applied to almost any surface making it a stellar tool to transform furniture helping you to create a once in a life time feature piece for your home or business. You can coat a fireplace, kitchen top, sinks even allowing you to use this great product outside creating benches, seats, statues or a patio. Check out our video on design floors https://www.renobuild.ie/design-floors

Microcement has great resistance to various stresses such as impact, wear and tear, making this system one of the best in the business. It is also environmentally friendly keeping dust, plaster flakes, rubble and clutter to a minimum during installation. Thus making it suitable for Hotels, Foyers, Business Premises Shopping centres, museums and garages.

It can stand out as the main attraction in contemporary design while also complementing a more rustic or vintage environment.

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