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Why Microtopping is the ideal solution

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Microtopping, otherwise known as Microcement or Micro-screed, is an increasingly popular choice of material; its decorative aesthetic makes it ideal for domestic and commercial spaces, and its hardy, durable nature makes it practical and long-lasting in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

The product consists of cement combined with fine aggregates mixed with water-based liquid polymers, and when applied it is laid in very thin layers between 2-10 millimetres. The versatility of Microtoppings means it can be used on floors, walls, stairs, furniture, and more.



What are the benefits of Microtoppings? 

Completely seamless 

As Microtopping can be used on existing surfaces, it is an ideal option for anyone looking for a completely seamless floor finish. It is also grout free, functional, practical, hygienic and contains hypoallergenic properties. 

Unique and personalised 

A key benefit of Microtopping is that, unlike Polished Concrete, you are able to create a completely unique and more modernised space by choosing your preferred colour, tone, and design before the floor is installed – meaning there are no surprises once the floor is laid. As a Design Floor, it can either stand out as the main attraction in a contemporary design, or complement a more rustic or vintage aesthetic. 




Low maintenance 

The material is easy to clean and upkeep. A little maintenance goes a long way with Microtopping, and when properly cared for the product can last decades. 

Easy to apply 

One of the greatest advantages of Microtopping is that it can be applied to almost any surface. This includes being a brilliant tool to transform furniture, allowing you to create once in a lifetime Feature Pieces for your home or business. The product can be used on fireplaces, kitchen countertops, sinks, and more within the home, and in outdoor environments it can be used to create benches, seats, statues, or patios. 


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Highly durable 

This system is one of the best in the business due to its great resistance to various stresses, such as heavy impact and wear and tear. Clients can expect longevity, durability and a hardwearing flooring system with Microtopping. 

Environmentally friendly 

Microtopping is also increasingly environmentally friendly, keeping dust, plaster flakes, rubble and clutter to a minimum during installation. This also makes it ideal for hotels, foyers, business premises, shopping centres, museums, garages, and more. 


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Simple to change 

If you decide in the future that your floor no longer aligns with your décor or design plans, you have the option of simply placing almost any other flooring system on top of the Microtopping.  




What are the finish options? 

Trowel Effect


Natural sand and sealed

AD LUCEM - LUCEM Choc - 20

High end polished

AD LUCEM - LUCEM Choc - 17-1-2


Microtopping products enhance any area you choose to work with and, with a little care, can last for decades to come. At Renobuild, we work with you every step of the way and use meticulous attention to detail to ensure the results are exactly as you imagined. For more examples of Microtopping applications, click here


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