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COVID-19 - Cleaning Recommendations and Advice

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Description automatically generatedUnless you have been living in a cave the last few months, you will have at some stage heard about the Coronavirus or COVID-19 as its known, this virus which originated in China affects your lungs and airways. This virus has now swept across the world causing widespread distress.

As news that COVID-19 has now been detected here in Ireland people have been stocking piling on hand sanitiser, gloves, face masks and other supplies, however, as stated on many of the health organisation websites wearing face masks or gloves are only beneficial if you already have the disease, they help to prevent transmitting it further. You can try to avoid contracting the coronavirus by cleaning both yourself and your environment regularly. This virus is spread through an infected person’s mouth or nose and getting into your eyes, nose or mouth, directly by sneezing or coughing and indirectly through touching hands, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, toilets, sinks, computers, work stations as well as other objects or surfaces.

At the time of writing this the amount of confirmed cases in Ireland is still relatively low, many people continue to go to work, school and other public places, therefore, it is important to do as much as you can to minimise the risk of contracting this virus.

Image result for cleaning productsIt has been recommended by many of the world health organisations to regularly clean high touch areas to get rid of germs, dirt and all other impurities from surfaces. Cleaning only lowers the number of germs reducing the risk of spreading the virus but it does not kill them completely. The aim is to limit the survival of the virus on these surface areas.

If you have Polished Concrete or Microcement on your floors, worktops, tables, furniture and so on you need to get some disposable gloves, a warm bucket of soapy water, materials for wiping down or washing surfaces and your mop. You can wash down polished concrete and microcement with a mild detergent if you want but be careful and make sure to use neutral pH cleaners only, avoid any detergents with citrus, bleach, ammonia or vinegar and always ensure to read the products’ labels as these contain important information for the safe and effective use, how it should be applied and if you need to take any precautionary measures when using such as good ventilation.

If you have Epoxy Resin in your facility you should use Renobuild Multi Surface Cleaner to clean the area but please be aware that this does not contain any antibacterial additives so make sure you use a recommended disinfectant afterwards. To clean your high touch areas and floors simply follow the same procedure as above.

Here is a link to the list released by the EPA on what disinfectants you can use to combat the virus https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-disinfectants-use-against-sars-cov-2 but please be careful of some of the products that you are thinking of using on polished concrete or microcement.

You are then advised to disinfect all these areas once cleaned, this process uses chemicals to kill germs but this process on its own doesn’t clean surfaces, this is why it is vital to clean first then disinfect afterwards to significantly lower the risk of infection.

For Resin you can use more vigorous disinfectants, it has been recommended to use alcohol solutions that contain at least 70% alcohol, household disinfectants or diluted bleach. Do not use expired products and DO NOT mix your cleaners with bleach.

In terms of polished concrete and microcement the use of harsh chemicals is not recommended but what we do advise to use is an antibacterial spray and floor cleaner that is designed to kill most harmful germs whilst not eating away at the sealer.

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Please make sure to wash your hands at every given opportunity and try to avoid touching your face. Clean, wash and disinfect all high touch areas and floors also don’t forget your electronics as frequently as you can. Educate all staff about COVID-19 symptoms and prevention and advise them if anyone feels they are exhibiting any symptoms to contact the HSE Helpline immediately.

If you have any concerns or questions about how to clean or what products you should use on your Polished Concrete, Microcement or Resin get in touch with our helpful team by emailing info@renobuild.ie or call 053-9366444 and please stay safe.

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